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Pre-Wedding in Singapore : Phil & Betty

Sometime last year, we heard from Betty and Phil.

We were already booked on their wedding day and Betty suggested we could photograph them for their Pre Wedding session. It definitely did not take long to confirm and arrange and we flew back to Singapore and went right to their place in the Wild Wild West for a short session.

We moved on to Portsdown Road later that morning and had some fun exploring the woods around that area. The couple were such good spot to go along with our insane requests!

Betty had her friend design and custom made her gown. It looks awesome on her don’t you think?

We had a little “beer break” at Colbar while Betty changed her outfit.

I love Betty. =)

haha! I really do. She has this little girl charm about her that makes probably every one in the world like her!

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Blushed Pre-Wedding Photography – Jun Long & Phoebe

One pleasant day I received an email from a friend whom I have not spoken to or met for a long time and it was Phoebe!

She was working in Hongkong for a long time and it was precious Facebook that connected us again. She was getting married and she trusted us to photograph her and her Jun Long on their special day.

You see, LilyAn( this is how I always call her… haha) is a designer, a very very creative designer in the fashion industry and Jun Long is an interior designer. Both designers added up, they are the first ever couple who furnished us with a “story board” kind of mood board! They were sure of what they liked and didnt, and they communicated their wishes brilliantly with many images. I love it! Well, many times, I would be the one who will be “bugging” my brides about what would their outfits be like, how else shall we style the photograph and all these itsy bitsy details and I thought I may be of too much of a nag!

Anyhow, we discussed over email a couple of times and this set of photographs are what we manage to pull together.

Location: Old KTM railway station, The Rail Mall

It was all good until we heard the rumbling from a very short distance and we realized that the train was coming!!!

This was how near we were !

We moved on to the Tanjong Pagar Station shortly and it was pouring! Narmit and I were pretty devastated at the rain but when Phoebe changed into this beautiful Cheong Sum, it instantly lifted our moods!

This custom made dress was tailored at Hongkong. It was handcrafted with fine lace and it was fully beaded. I could not lift my eyes off how intricate it was! The cutting fitted her curves perfectly and I love how the little tail of the dress fell beautifully to the ground without much styling.

I was telling Narmit how I thought Phoebe looked like she stepped right out of a Old Shang Hai movie. She pulled off this shoot so naturally!

Then we made it to the Fullterton Hotel on another day when Phoebe’s gown was ready. Custom made too!

We had shot a Fullerton Hotel a couple of times by now and I guess, it does gets better after each one.

Of cos, these gorgeous couples does help beautify the images! =)

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