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Blushed Pre Wedding – Dr Voon & Yi Fang

When Yi Fang first enquired for our availability, we knew that we had a common friend between us that hooked us up together. We met up over coffee and the realized we share many more common friends between us!

We love how candid Yi Fang is and we respected how stable and genuine (Dr) Voon is when we met. Simply no airs about this couple at all! They invited us to their new home for a short engagement session and these are what we got!

I love it when our couples dress up in complimenting colors! It surely does make the photograph much more interesting don’t you think?

This was taken at their backyard. The awesome light that morning.. Oh my!

Ah Hah! I love this last image the most!

Speaks of who they are very aptly!

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Blushed Pre-Wedding Photography – Javier & Melissa

I got to know Javier way back when I was in high school and Javier was this cool looking dude who hardly smiled. Then Narmit and I attended the same Bible School with Javier and he was still this cool looking dude who rationed his smiles! Hahaha!

So when he emailed us about his wedding, I had to take a double look to confirm that it was indeed him who had sent us an enquiry. And then they say, the rest was history.

We had a short engagement session with Javier and Melissa, and found out that actually, he really is still that shy, cool looking dude. Hahaha!

This couple came and picked us up in this swanky Mercedes Cabriolet convertible and we headed off to Sentosa Cove Singapore. Took us a longggg while to warm them up!

Can you see that we had a good laugh here?

We always love engagement sessions before the actual bridal day party. Simply because couples are always less tensed up and are almost always look more like themselves. The extravagant laughs and those very endearing touches that they give to each other are precious moments that we hope to photograph.

Up next would be their very cosy wedding party!

Location: Sentosa Cove Singapore

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