We’ve been Busy! =)

Dear Friends!

We sincerely apologize for our disappearance the past few months. We have been so so soo busy …. in a good way! =)

We have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy about 7 weeks ago, and we have been busy adjusting, learning and getting used to this thing call parenthood!

Taking care of this little fellow has never been easy, but I must admit that we are enjoying every bit of it. He has indeed brought so much JOY into our life!

Ladies and Gentleman, let me present to you our precious boy… Azriel Joel!

He is such a good looker isn’t he!  😉

Looks like I’ve found myself a good assistant! HAHA

Beside handling milk bottles and diapers! We’ve been busy with our photography assignments too. Here are some previews that will be coming pretty soon to the blog.

Stay tuned and have a beautiful week ahead!

Lots of love from the Blushed Family.


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