On Being “Genuinely” HAPPY

Hey Guys!

Its Terrific Tuesday! How have you all been?
I had never done this( writing about personal matters and thoughts), but somehow I found myself on our admin page typing away because I just cannot contain this any longer!

Now, this was what happened.
I had some rare “me time” while Azy was napping( and still is!) and I had a good time scrolling down my facebook page leisurely. These days, if I had some time off “Azy”, I would rather be catching up on some emails or work, than to be on FB peeking at other’s people’s businesses.

haha! So anyhow, I refreshed my page and saw these awesome photographs of one of our clients! “One” here, refers to both the bride and groom.

They had just celebrated their Registering of Marriage and most likely had engaged a Photobooth service to photograph them and their guests. They had some most hilarious images!

Now this brings me to why I HAD to write this post!
I was looking at Siu Rong and Samantha’s photographs and I was really genuinely HAPPY for them.
In fact, I had a few glance of their photographs a couple of times! And each time, I felt happy for them because they looked so happy!

We had taken their Pre-Wedding Journal and had spent half a day with them last month. I remembered how Narmit and I smiled ourselves to sleep that night because of how much we had enjoyed their company! You should have known by now, that I had NEVER felt this way,

We met them for the first time at Suntec Convention Centre Starbucks(before church) in January and instantly I felt very connected to them instantly( I did not tell them this la!) Why? Hahaha! Simply because SiuRong looks and speaks exactly like my little brother!

They were exceptionally easy going, happy, sincere and definitely a very REAL couple. They were transparent with their thoughts, frank and direct but yet so much love oozing out of them! Not only towards each other! But I assumed at that time, they had abundance of love to everyone around them. But then its was just the first time I had met them so I kept the thoughts to myself.

Then we exchanged several emails with them and these emails once again revealed how lovely this couple is. They were polite, and simple. And for probably the first time in Blushed history, I felt honored and respected. Don’t get me wrong, I have the best clients in the world I always tell people! But this is probably something I cannot explain in words. Its just the vibe that they had sent. I love them immediately! haha!

And so I thought I was the only one who love them this much!
hahaha! What insane thought I had!
Then I saw their photographs and realized, Oh my! They are REALLY very very well loved!
They had the goofiest bunch of friends who were willing to take silly photographs of themselves with the funniest props! And they had the “bestest” smiles and laughs I can ever see in a photograph! They had so much fun! They, and their guests were GENUINELY Happy! You can never act happy this well can you? ( Or was it the booze that helped? hahaha!)

And so, looking through their photographs, I smiled and I smiled. I love the way they hang on to each other for so long( they dated for a LONGGGGG time), I love the way they spoke gently to each other even after dating for this long, and I love the way they love each other. I guess looking at them both easily brings a smile to my face.

I had taken a look at their Pre Wedding Journal Set of photographs, and I remembered how easy was it for them to look romantic, loving and endearing. It was just easy because they were GENUINELY loving towards each other. And this made me happy.

It isn’t easy to make me happy. Haha! I can be very happy with a plate of hokkien mee anytime!
But looking a this couple and their joy, I was GENUINELY happy to be able to celebrate their love with them. =)

For this, I am going to hurry Mit to post process their photographs and get their albums ready and beautiful for their wedding day. hee!

And yes, this is going to be a “no photograph” post.

Have a HAPPY Tuesday folks!



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