Blushed Family Photography – Richie & Jo Ann Family

We were pleasantly surprised to have Richie and Jo-ann together with their 2 boys over to Kuching for a visit (well, it was way back on National Day! This is how backdated we are with our blog. hehe) cum Family Portrait. They have the best boys in the world we reckon!

This is Raphael.

This is Joel.

He refused to step on sand the minute we hit the beach. It was only much later that we realised that this was a first time for little Raphael on the beach!

This is our favorite shot of the day. He is such a cutie pie!


One Response to “Blushed Family Photography – Richie & Jo Ann Family”

  1. Richie says:

    They are the best boy because you bring up the beauty in them through your lens.

    Thank you once again!